I am currently Assistant Professor (tenure-track) in Economics at the University of Parma and Economic Advisor at the OECD, as part of a joint task force between the organization and the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. I received my PhD in Economics from the New School for Social Research, in cotutelle with Sapienza University of Rome. In the recent past, I also worked as an economist at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, where I was part of the macroeconomic working team of the Italian G20 Presidency.

My research focuses on the macrodynamics of fluctuations and growth. The first two essays of my dissertation focus on traverse analysis and the relevance of historical time in demand-led growth models. More specifically, I analytically and numerically solve the systems of differential equations that regulate the motion of the models under scrutiny, thus providing a rigorous representation of the models’ out-of-equilibrium trajectory. The third essay of my dissertation focuses on the interactions between greenhouse emissions and business cycle fluctuations, exploring theoretically and empirically the interactions between capital accumulation, income distribution and climate change in the short run.

The first chapter of my dissertation has been published in the Review of Political Economy

The second chapter of my dissertation has been published in Metroeconomica

My main research interests are within the broad areas of macroeconomics, growth and distribution, SFC modeling, dealing with nonlinear dynamics and adopting numerical methods to simulate macroeconomic models.

My main teaching interests are macroeconomics, international economics and econometrics.

I hold a MPhil in Economics from the New School for Social Research, an MA in International Economics from the Berlin School of Economics and Law and the Master M2 EPOG in Macroeconomics and Financial Policies from Université Paris 13 - Sorbonne Paris Cité.

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